Color Wheel


Color Wheel Pro  v.2.0

Color Wheel Pro is the only tool that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. The preview is real-time: when adjusting the color scheme,

Coming Soon Color Wheel Page  v.1

INTRODUCING COMING SOON COLOR WHEEL PAGE Coming Soon Color Wheel Page with Bubbles theme in As3 is Creative and inovative leading page for your website.


Color Wheel Expert  v.4.500.0040

Color Wheel Expert is the most innovative and easy-to-use professional color utility application available. Designed specifically for web designers and artists, but user-friendly for anyone who works with color.

Color Theory Pro  v.1.5.1

ColorTheory is a digital color wheel, used to find harmonious color combinations.

Harmony finder  v.1.0

Free color wheel software. We often think of a good eye for color as something innate . But in fact, given the proper tools,

Color Schemer Studio  v.2.1

Are you a web page designer or anybody who have work relate to graphics and color then a powerful and easy to use color schemer is the most necessary tool which you must have.

Color Schemer Studio OSX  v.1.0

About Color Schemer Studio OSXA professional color matching solution for anyone from hobbyists to advanced professionals.

Color Consultant Pro  v.1.1.1

About Color Consultant ProAn interactive color wheel.

ColorCab  v.1.0.1

Color picker, color scheme generator, color library - all in one. ColorCab will also generate color schemes. With ColorCab, you will also be able to choose your colors directly from a color wheel that includes tints and shades. Additionally,

Doodle face (Free)  v.

doodle face is "doodle app" meets "coloring book." Doodle to complete wacky faces, swap the faces over your doodle for silly results. Choose color or line thickness from the color wheel.

Memory Trainer  v.

Memory Trainer is a classic "Watch and Follow" memory game. With a color wheel consists of 8 colors rather than 4, it is more challenging! If you think you have a good memory, you should try it! Memory Trainer offers 2 difficulty levels: Easy and

Painter’s Picker  v.2.0

About Painter s PickerAn extension to the color picker panel in Mac OS X that puts a fully interactive color wheel into almost every applciation in Mac OS X.

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